The Procussions set to drop on the new Rawkus Records

Rawkus Records defined the Hip-hop movement in the mid 90’s. Rawkus went
against the grain, instead of opting to sign MC’s with cheap gimmicks and no
substance; they signed MC’s who pushed the musical envelope. Fast-forward to
2006 and Rawkus is back on the scene with a fresh new line up of talented MC’s
to inspire a new generation. Their first release to continue their tradition is
The Procussions’ new album, Five Sparrows for Two Cents releasing on May
30th. The Procussions feel honored and eager to spearhead Rawkus back into the
forefront of the Hip-Hop scene. “Rawkus is really progressive, and they look at
making their own mark in Hip-Hop and starting their own movements. They’re
extremely excited about the album and helping in developing our career,” says
group member Rez.

The Procussions are set to saturate the globe with their B-boy energy and
powerful message of positive change. They are a multi-cultural group that not
only break the normal stereotypes of what mainstream hip hop must be but as well
aren’t afraid to discuss issues that other rappers don’t: rape, child abuse,
neglect. One example is “Miss January” featuring Talib Kweli which discusses the
perils of having to say goodbye to a destructive relationship. The three man
crew consisting of Mr. J Mederios, Stro and Rez befriended each other while
growing up in Colorado but now make Los Angeles their home. With musical
influences stemming from the Golden Era of Hip-Hop, to J Dilla to Megadeth,
their sound is a style that reflects all genres of music. “That’s why you hear
electro-rock /edgy sound in our new album. We push the edge in our live show,
which looks something like a mix between a Rage Against the Machine / Roots /
James Brown / Pharcyde / MF Doom stadium show” describes Stro. “The new album
Five Sparrows for Two Cents hopefully is a different sound that people
haven’t really heard before and Rawkus is behind this record so we want to make
their mark with this album.” says Rez.

From battling at open mics at sandwich shops in Colorado in 1996 to rocking
arena’s with The Roots, The Procussions excitedly await their release and the
explosion of the movement they have been carefully crafting since the beginning
The first single off the record is “The Storm”. The record is about the battle
between good and evil that takes place inside and around every one of us.

The Procussions will be on the road the next six months, headlining The Storm
Tour in the US, and appearing at overseas festivals as well.

Five Sparrows for Two Cents Track listing

1. Opening
2. Shabach
3. Anybody
4. Simple Song (f/ DJ Vajra)
Fight Here (f/ Afrobots, DJ Vajra, and Ahmad of 4th Avenue Jones)
6. Miss
January (f/ Talib Kweli)
7. The Storm
8. Rain Dance
9. I’ll Fly (f/
Tara Ellis)
10. Track 10
11. Little People
12. Carousel
13. For the
14. Vader March
15. Jiminy Cricket
16. American Fado (f/ Renee
Altson Author of stumbling toward faith)
17. Mars

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