Roach Gigz – Can I Rap Video

Roach Gigz has been nominated in this week’s contest for mtvU’s Freshman 5 for his “Can I Rap” video, a single off Roachy Balboa 2, released earlier this year.

Every week, five new and upcoming artists are presented an opportunity to gain regular rotation on the mtvU channel, which is broadcasted to college campuses and gives artists an excellent shot at obtaining exposure.

The video, now with over 460,000 views on YouTube, was shot this past fall, while Roach and fellow San Franciscans celebrated the Giants’ World Series appearance, and eventual victory, outside the stadium. The video was shot by Aris Jerome and the song was produced by C-Loz, who is now producing the entirety of Roach’s forthcoming EP, Bitch I’m A Player, dropping later this month and featuring Lil’ B, Husualah, DB The General, and Lil’ 4-Tay.

Vote for Roach Gigz’ “Can I Rap” video here:

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