Zane One – Kingdom

Zane One Releases Another Track From Debut Album, Calling Out Those Who Disrespect The Mic


DOWNLOAD: Zane One – Kingdom

After releasing her first single, “Zane One,” from her debut album L.A. Woman, Zane One is back with another track from the LP entitled, “Kingdom“. This time, she exposes the flaws of hip-hop over a dub-influenced beat, filled with crispy drums and a thick riding bass line. With “Kingdom”, Zane One continues to set herself apart from the masses, as her verses aggressively confirm the current state of hip-hop. Despite the troubles she reveals, Zane also expresses her efforts to stay true, with lines like, “According to the underground you’re exploiting / The thing I’m restoring, you’re not supporting / Hip-hop’s been limpin’ along like she on morphine / And I’m not affording ’cause I’m not conforming.” Zane takes a clear stance on her feelings toward sellouts and the song serves as a warning to those who disrespect the “Kingdom” by compromising the integrity of their music for the pursuit of wealth.

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