Wordsmith Debut Album “Vintage Experience” Available – Tracklisting


The curtains for Wordsmith’s “Vintage Experience album have been lifted for the feature presentation. Broken up into 4 chapters with unique movie scores; the album plays out like a Movie on Wax. Featuring the singles “Hook-up Hotline,” “Tour Guide to New Bride” and “As the Art Fades Away,” the material in general, ranges from songs Wordsmith wrote/recorded from 2006 to 2009.

Most of the production came from his in-house producers Strada, Professa, Capish, Street Level with outside help from Rednaz Beats. The features were kept to a minimum with only Chubb Rock, Camp-Lo, Grand Daddy I.U., Soulstice, Junclassic, Kontact & Black Knight and local DMV stars Kimia Collins and Whitefolkz lending verses on the album.

01.) The Invisible Art (Interlude) (Act 1) (Produced By Professa)
02.) As The Art Fades Away (Produced By Strada)
03.) The Next Level Experience (Produced By Street Level)
04.) Hip Hop 2.0 (Produced By Rednaz Beatz)
05.) Hip Hop & Beyond (Produced By Strada)
06.) System Crashing (Interlude) (Act 2) (Produced By Professa)
07.) Genre Box (Produced By Strada)
08.) Hook-Up Hotline (Produced By Strada)
09.) Tour Guide To New Bride (Produced By Capish)
10.) Ridin’ Low (feat. Kontact & Black Knight) (Produced By Strada)
11.) Call Of The Legion (Interlude) (Act 3) (Produced By Professa)
12.) Block Banger (Produced By Capish)
13.) Rock The Crowd (Produced By Strada)
14.) Slanguistics (feat. Kontact, Black Knight & Soulstice) (Produced By Strada)
15.) Wordz for Weaponz (Produced By Street Level)
16.) A Seasonal Change (Interlude) (Act 4) (Produced By Professa)
17.) Leap Of Faith (Remix) (Produced By J. Stillton)
18.) A Touch Of Serenity (feat. Kimia Collins) (Produced By Strada)
19.) An Ode To My Sons (feat. Kimia Collins) (Produced By Strada)
20.) Gods Morning (Produced By Professa)
21.) Bridging The Gap (Remix) (feat. Chubb Rock, Geechi Suede (Camp Lo), Grand Daddy IU, Kontact, Black Knight, Junclassic & Whitefolkz) (Produced By Strada)

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