What dumb shit in hip hop creates

Check out this video of two kids battling. When I was younger, I wasn’t one to criticize content in hip hop. Nowadays, I do, because the crap content is pretty much all you hear (except when it comes to the underground and unsigned artists).

All you hear about is money, sex, clubs, and violence against someone. The reason I have a problem with current mainstream Hip Hop is the following:

– Lack of creativity = I am sick of hearing the same shit over and over again.
– Promotion of negativity = It is one thing to talk about your life struggle in music with controversial words, but it is a whole other ball game to actually PROMOTE it as a lifestyle.

If Hip Hop were the sole reflection of the black community, you would think that we are only about getting drunk, shooting people, selling drugs, and getting money by means other than a job. The sad fact is that there are many who actually view all blacks this way as a result. The other sad fact is that many of our youth view this as how you are supposed to live.

With that said, now view the video below. You will notice that the kids are emulating what is constantly said in the music today.

These little 8 year old thugs have pissed me off this Friday. Why? Because, myself and many others do a lot of positive work in our community, and not only is it society that works against us, but also ourselves.

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