Tues. Aug. 21: Digger’s Delight Park Jam w/ DJs JAZZY JAY, LORD FINESSE, BOOGIE BLIND & CHAIRMAN MAO @ St. Nicholas Park, Harlem NYC

2012 Tools of War NYC Summer Park Jam Series front 
Tools of War True School NYC Summer Park Jams

2012 Digger’s Delight: 2 Jams Left! Tuesdays, August 21 & 28 Like us on Facebook 

Free! All Ages. 4pm to 8pm. Special guest DJs, Producers, Selectors and Record Collectors bring out their funkiest but rarest tracks from back in the days that no one ever heard! 

St. Nicholas Park on 135th St. and St. Nicholas Ave. Harlem NYC. B/C to 135th 


August 21: DJ Lord Finesse + Chairman Mao + Boogie Blind and Jazzy Jay  Like us on Facebook

August 28: Miss Shing-a-Ling + PopMaster Fabel + Large Professor + GrandMaster Caz Like us on Facebook

Forever Host: GrandMaster Caz + Invincible Sound by Superman  

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Tools of War grassroots Hip Hop Celebrates 10 Years of True School NYC Summer Park Jams! 

In 2003, Lord Finesse introduced Tools of War to former Crotona Park Administrator, Samantha Stone; former Bronx Parks Commissioner, Dorothy Lewandowski and the Friends of Crotona Park to arrange short performances before their Hip Hop Film Fest. Over the past decade, the annual Crotona Park Jams have turned into a massive park jam revival with international attendance!  

The true essence of Hip Hop culture isn’t on the radio or TV, it’s in the places and spaces where it all started, the parks. The epicenter of Hip Hop has always been communal gatherings that are inclusive in nature and welcome people of all ages, races, ethnicities, faiths and cultural backgrounds. The closest you will come to experiencing the magic of Hip Hop’s earliest days is at the Tools Of War True School NYC Summer Park Jams. These cultural powwows attract an international audience where practitioners of all the artistic elements are found representing a common spirit. We support each other in a family friendly environment. Our “keep it clean” policy combined with the park rules of no alcohol or drugs  ensures a wonderful experience for all ages. With zero incidents of violence in the past decade, we are grateful to all who have attended for helping us represent Hip Hop as it should be, a progressive and uplifting movement. 

Tools Of War’s True School  NYC Summer Park Jams bring the DJ back to the forefront. At a time when much of the Rap industry eliminates the other components of Hip Hop culture, we in fact help put our culture back in it’s proper perspective by honoring and focusing on the DJs, dancers and party people. Throughout the years we have had dancers from all around the world share their talent at our jams. Our guest DJs spin for our mixed audiences and expertly supply dancers with a variety of music for the many dance forms represented. From rare grooves to your favorite break beat, we play it all. All dancers are welcomed including B-boys/B-girls, Rockers, Poppers, Lockers and social dancing Party Rockers! Come and celebrate Hip Hop and urban culture by dancing in the many cyphers or just rocking out in the crowd! 

Tools Of War True School NYC Summer Park Jams attract legends, pioneers and Hip Hop personalities so make sure to bring an autograph book in the event that one of your favorite celebrities graces you with a personalized signature! We thank God for our continued success and are extremely blessed to have such amazing support for our jams!! 

In a continuous effort to preserve the positive influence of Hip Hop and urban culture, Tools Of War invites the global Hip Hop community to experience the most exciting summer events of past 10 years, The Tools Of War True School Park Jam Series! 

We Rock and We Don’t Stop! 

– Jorge “Popmaster Fabel” Pabon

1. NO Alcohol or Drugs allowed 
2. NO Video Filming Allowed 
BECAUSE The artists performing have the right to film their OWN set and post it online if they want to share it – it is not for others to decide this for them.
3. Do NOT Attempt to go on or back Stage or Behind the Ropes. Maybe you do it at other shows but we want to encourage professionalism here. Everyone is very special to us but staff & DJs need room and a peaceful place to create the magic that led you to join us!
4. NO Vending – Park Rules are Strict!
5. NO Coolers 
6. Please Throw Away Your Garbage 

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