The Niceguys – Toast Video

“We’ve been doing this for a while now, and we’ve been saying this for a while now; excelsior, excelsior, excelsior,” begins the new video for The Niceguys’ “Toast,” a celebration of the Houston foursome’s success and a promise to continue to aim high. With the recent release of their highly anticipated debut LP The Show, the Niceguys, comprised of rapper Yves Saint, DJ Candlestick, and producers Cristolph and Free, certainly have a lot to celebrate, and have set the bar high for themselves looking into the future.

The video highlights the triumphant, aspirational tone of the song, inviting viewers into a world of champagne toasts, fresh suits and penthouse views. Party scenes, flecked with redolent close-ups in understated sepia-tones, evoke a reflective feel – a look back in time as Easy Yves Saint reflects back on good times and hood times. As Yves would say, β€œIt’s a celebration, bitches!”

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