The Hip-Hop Fellow Trailer starring 9th Wonder

Hip Hop continues to grow and mature to the point where academia has taken notice. 9th Wonder is teaching Hip Hop at Harvard. Just read that line again and think about what that really means. These moves by 9th Wonder and by Nas with his Harvard fellowship, Ice-T lecturing at MIT are important. Not in the sense that courses being taught at Harvard legitimizes the Hip Hop culture to others but that the culture legitimized itself to the point that Harvard found it necessary to offer these courses. This is how Hip Hop entered the music industry. Hip Hop didn’t ask for deals and acceptance, it grew to the point that it could no longer be ignored.

Now ask yourself how are you representing Hip Hop culture and yourself in that culture.

Films like this are important. Documenting these happenings is important. Watching these things are important.

“The Hip-Hop Fellow is a 78 minute documentary following Grammy Award winning producer 9th Wonder’s tenure at Harvard University as he teaches ‘The Standards of Hip-Hop’ course, conducts research for his thesis and explores hip-hop’s history, culture and role in academia. The film centers on the emerging significance of incorporating hip-hop studies into the academy and spotlights the scholars and musicians at the forefront of preserving 40 years of hip-hop culture.

Interviewees include Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Kendrick Lamar, Young Guru, Dr. Mark Anthony Neal, Phonte, Dr. Marcyliena Morgan, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Ab-Soul, Rapper Big Pooh & DJ Premier.


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