Supastition – Black Bodies Video

These days it seems police killing an unarmed black person is a daily occurrence. If you go by the purported “every 28 hours” statistic it’s very close. However many it is, there are far too many black bodies falling at the hands of police.

Hip Hop has always prided itself on being the voice of the black community or the street CNN so you’d expect there’d be a flood of songs highlighting this injustice. Unfortunately there aren’t. Fortunately there are a few. Of those few, Supastition is one.

With his “Black Bodies” cut, off of the Gold Standard album, Supastition not only outlines the situation but skillfully refutes some of the arguments thrown back at folks that are angry about police misconduct. He even goes on to say “we get blamed for our own murders.”

“Black Bodies” is the type of music Hip Hop needs to be producing, sharing, and buying these days. I only wish it wasn’t.

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