Souls Of Mischief Depart For 16 Date European Tour

11, 2006) Brooklyn, NY — Indie hip-hop powerhouse Hieroglyphics Imperium
announce Souls of Mischief’s European tour that includes 16 dates in 6
different countries. Also performing with them throughout the tour is Zion-I.
Some select dates include appearances from Lyrics Born, Sadat X, Greg Nice,
& Geology.

of Mischief have been honing their skills for nearly two decades. Members
A-plus, Opio, Phesto, and Tajai have cultivated a sound all their own and
gained a reputation as one of the best and most original hip-hop groups around.
Their track record proves it; their first LP ’93 Til Infinity
(Jive, 1993) debuted at #14 on Billboard’s R&B
charts while their second album No Man’s Land
(Jive, 1995) entered at #27. After having been
disappointed with major label politics, Souls, along with childhood friends Del
the Funky Homosapien, Casual, Pep Love, and Domino, formed their own
independent company, Hiero Imperium in 1997, quickly becoming one of the West
Coast’s best known and respected labels. Souls hasn’t achieved the type of
success enjoyed by more mainstream acts but being the kingpins of hip-hop is
not Souls’ style. “We just want to make good music,” says Tajai.
“Sales are important but we aren’t going to compromise our musical quality
to sell.” Such is the attitude that epitomizes Souls’ unique style and

excursion marks Souls of Mischief’s fifth tour in Europe. Souls and fellow Bay
Area trailblazers Zion-I are known for their incredible high-energy shows.
“We feed off the energy our fans give us and give it back it live and
direct,” says Tajai. “Our fans overseas show a real respect for the
whole hip-hop culture, not just the rap part. It’s been a few years since we
performed there so we’re definitely looking forward to seeing them and giving
them some crazy shows.” As they gear up for their ten-year anniversary in
2007, Hiero Imperium is looking to increase their international presence.
“Our overseas markets continue to grow and we’re taking the necessary
steps to beef up our touring schedule both here in the states and abroad,”
adds Hiero member and CEO Domino. Armed with a renewed sense of enthusiasm,
Souls of Mischief look forward to performing in Europe for some of their
favorite fans.

dates and venues are as follows (subject to change):

January 12 Leipzig,
Germany Conna Island
January 13 Linz,
Germany Kapu
January 14 Wil,
Germany Remise
January 15 London,
England Jazz Caf??
January 16 Munich,
Germany Atomic Cafe
*January 17 Karlsruhe,
Germany Radio Oriente
January 18 Erlangen,
Germany E-Werk
January 19 Weinheim,
Germany Caf?? Central
**January 20 Aarau,
Germany Kiff
January 23 Paris,
France Nouveau
January 25 Copenhagen,
Denmark RUST
**January 26 Helsinki,
Finland Nosturi
January 27 Berlin,
Germany Kapital
January 28 Utrecht,
Germany Tivoli
January 29 Braunschweig B58

*also performing: Lyrics Born

** also performing: Sadat X, Greg
Nice, & Geology

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