Smooth Assassin, Granddaddy I.U. claims his spot as iTunes’ and Long Island’s Finest

Smooth Assassin, Granddaddy I.U. claims his spot as iTunes’ and Long Island’s Finest

May 29, 2006

Granddaddy I.U. proved last year, with the release of the 12” vinyl single of “I Be Thuggin’” with the Large Professor produced cut “Mack of the Year” on the B-side, that he hasn’t lost a step and real heads don’t forget. His return to the forefront after a long hiatus in the background had heads remembering very quickly what got him signed to Cold Chillin Records and what he is capable of.

On Tuesday May 30, 2006, IU will once again let it be known that Granddaddy is home and all the children should be in bed. With a rightfully deserved bold claim title as Long Island’s Finest, I.U. releases a 9 song EP on his own label Steady Flow Enterprises and distributed through Apple’s digital music retailer, iTunes. Guest spots limited and production handled almost entirely by I.U. himself, Long Island’s Finest is the next step in this veteran’s walk into the future and a premonition of what’s to come. Long Island’s Finest is set to let people know definitively that it’s who Granddaddy I.U. is not just who he was.

Long Island’s Finest Tracklisting
1) Everybody Wanna Be A G     4:02 Granddaddy I.U
2) Mind Over Matter             3:11 Granddaddy I.U.
3) Get Ur Doe                3:44 Granddaddy I.U. Feat. DV Alias Khryst
4) Hustle Or Heist             4:07 Granddaddy I.U
5) All For A Reason             4:08 Granddaddy I.U. Feat. DV Alias Khryst
6) Ya Know                 3:59 Granddaddy I.U. Feat. Skuzz Duke
7) Gwop                 3:46 Granddaddy I.U.
8) Pop Yo Ass             4:22 Granddaddy I.U.
9) Step By Step             3:04 Granddaddy I.U.
 *All Songs Produced By Granddaddy I.U. Except Gwop (Produced By Arythmetic For Ontario Hydro Productions)

About Granddaddy I.U.
Born in Queens and raised in Hempstead Long Island, I.U. grew up around music and was exposed to all different genres. When Hip Hop emerged, he was automatically attracted and was a natural on the mic. Joining rhyme ciphers on the street corners, jail yards and eventually the studio – he made a demo with the encouragement of his brother, DJ Kay Cee, and got signed to Cold Chillin Records. After joining the label that introduced Juice Crew All-Stars like Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Roxanne Shante, MC Shan and more I.U. made his mark as an artist and songwriter. The first album Smooth Assassin was released in 1990 and it introduced the world to classics such as “Something New”, “Sugar Free” and “Girl In The Mall”. In 1994, I.U. dropped his second album entitled Lead Pipe; joints “Represent”, “Don’t Stress Me” and “Slinging Bass” had the East Coast underground Hip Hop scene wanting more.

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