Small Professor – Gigantic Vol. 1


FEAT: GUILTY SIMPSON x REEF THE LOST CAUZE x VON PEA + MOREsmall professor - gigantic vol1

For most Hip-Hop connoisseurs, the moniker “Small Professor” should give you an idea of what this man’s trying to accomplish. For his official sophomore album, Gigantic, Vol. 1, prepare for whatever you figured this would sound like to be both fulfilled and decimated.

Taking over two over two years to complete, Small Pro’s opus features a number of sick spitters from both his neck of the woods(Philadelphia) in Reef The Lost CauzeZilla Rocca, Has-Lo, Curly Castro, Random and Al Mighty to other parts of the tri-state (Tanya Morgan’s Von Pea and his Lessondary-affiliate ElucidBuff1), as well as skilled cats like Guilty Simpson to Blueprint. Don’t think this is some hodge-podge, cut and paste style project, though. The sound is undeniably Small Pro, which blends his own sense of humor (and self) into a hot cup of joe for the feenin’ Hip-Hop consumer.

The beauty within this project is the way Small Pro purposefully challenges both himself and the listener to accept sounds and MCs you might not instantly recognize and ride the wave. Those who choose to stick around are rewarded with glorious music, like the intoxicating“Chambray” (somebody sign Elucid already!) to the gutter boxcutter stabs of “Spare Razor”, which finds Guilty Simpson and Reef the Lost Cauze aligned in a thing of Hip-Hop excellence. “When The Last Leaf Falls” is a great example of the friendship that Has-Lo andSmall Pro have, and the epicness of that track is not one to be missed, while the same can be said for the Zilla Rocca & Curly Castro-featured “Hare Razor”, as their constant collaborating really shines in how effortless this cut truly is. This is the work of talented artists coming together and just letting their flag fly, regardless of the hype, pomp and circumstance that most press-releases, album listening parties or your favorite blog can fluff on any old album project.

If you have discovered Small Pro previously, you don’t even need to read all of that – you’ve been waiting for Gigantic, Vol. 1 for a bit. For the newly-inundated, take that pill and ride the wave. Let one of our best kept secrets win you over. Then start from the beginning and relive the masterpiece. – Khal (@RockTheDub)

01.) Small Pro Cometh 
02.) P(ea) Gets Off (feat. Von Pea) 
03.) Chambray (feat. Elucid) 
04.) Can’t Be Scared (feat. Buff1) 
05.) Pear Razor 
06.) Make Moves (feat. Blueprint & Curly Castro) 
07.) Attitude Problem (feat. Stik Figa) 
08.) Spare Razor (feat. Guilty Simpson & Reef The Lost Cauze) 
09.) Barefoot Gorilla Baboon Funk 
10.) When The Last Leaf Falls (feat. Has-Lo) 
11.) Play It BY Ear (feat. Random) 
12.) Hare Razor (feat. Curly Castro & Zilla Rocca) 
13.) On The Count Of Three, Say… 
14.) Good Evening (feat. Al Mighty)

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