Skweeky Kleen – Get Mine Video


Washington D.C. Rapper Skweeky Kleen Debuts Music Video “Get Mine”

As multi-talented up-n-coming rapper Skweeky Kleen is heavily grinding in the DMV underground Hip-Hop circuit, the Washington D.C. native is excited to present his debut music video “Get Mine”, directed by Byron Martinez for Empire Lifestyle Productions. The music video almost received 20,000 views in only 2 days since the start of the promotion campaign by Yo! Promotions.

“My single ‘Get Mine’ is a track about the struggle. It’s about coming from the bottom and trying to grind to the top. Haters are always trying to stand in your way. This track is letting them know that no matter what they do I’m gonna strive to get mine,” explained Skweeky Kleen, who got his rap moniker as a youngster because of his ability to not get caught up by the authorities.

Executively produced by Jamaica Jake for Greenhouse Ent., Skweeky Kleen lists influential Hip-Hop artists such as Jay-Z, Tupac Shakur, and The Notorious B.I.G. as the reason he started his Rap career. Following in the tradition of uncompromising and strong emcees, “Get Mine” showcases Skweeky Kleen’s signature voice and crazy flow.

Born premature and unable to breathe properly, a tube was inserted into his neck to help him breathe. This resulted in Skweeky having one of the most unique voices ever heard and with that voice he wanted to make a difference. At age 18, SK made his first recordings and was featured on a series of prestigious mixtapes. With the unique sound of his voice and strong, catchy lyrics, Skweeky quickly started to create a buzz in the D.C. area and beyond. With an eclectic collection of songs ranging in styles from Rap, Reggae, Alternative and more, and with lyrics ranging in emotions from funny to heartfelt, Skweeky Kleen is on his way to becoming a force to be reckoned with in the music business.

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