Jasiri X – Silent Night (Do Rappers Watch the News?) Video

Episode 25 asks the burning question-With so much going on all over the world, how come nobody’s rappin about it? Jasirix – Silent Night (Do Rappers Watch the News?) was produced by Religion and Directed by Paradise the Arkitech of X-Clan.

I ain’t talkin bout Beans I ain’t talkin bout Jay
I’m talikn bout vaccines we being forced to take
I’m talkin bout bad seeds with no remorse who spray
I’m takin for the victims we call on the Lord and pray
I’m talkin bout health care we need reform today
I’m talkin for poor people who can’t afford to pay
I’m talkin bout the War and I got more to say
I’m talkin about the Time and I don’t mean Morris Day
While They talkin bout they old beefs and gold teeth
I’m talkin bout freeing minds and they putting souls to sleep

I ain’t talkin bout Lil Wayne doing a year in prison
Ani’t talking bout Charlemagne being fired from his position
I’m talkin how they wanna defame a whole religion
like violence ain’t been committed by some insane Christians
I’m talkin bout the horrific murders of the innocent
women and enlisted men and it’s senselessness
I’m talkin bout that Imam they killed in Michigan
I’m talkin how feds shot 18 times to finish him
Not talkin bout King James but we are all witnesses
but what they talkin bout got you so drowsy ya missin it

I ain’t talkin bout the Yankees I’m talkin about how Bernanke
gave billions to Wall St and we still payin bank fees
now they talkin bout more taxes to meet quotas
so every week my check get lighter than Sammy Sosa
And what I’m talkin bout is not a diss to Hova
But secret societies are real and Satan is Taken over
They talkin Afghanistan sending thousands more soldiers
to prop up a puppet government judgment is getting closer
and they talkin bout makin it rain and range rovers
with chains around they necks but no brains on top they shoulders

I ain’t talkin bout Chris Brown and how he put his fist down
I’m talkin bout tea parties that lie about big crowds
talk about racists with faces full of hatred
so I talk about truth to disconnect you from the matrix
I ain’t talkin TI’s wife or Keisha Cole’s Mama
I’m talkin none of us voting one year after Obama
And we talked about Rhianna and her drama to death
talkin bout her young fans but singing Russian roulette
All these media distractions have a crushing effect
A burning house always takes out the ones who slept
Good night

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