Shady Nate – Gimmie Da Loot

Shady Nate & DJ Fresh collaborated a few years ago on Based on a True Story, which was loosely formatted in the style of Fresh’s long-running and classic Tonight Show series. The project earned both the rapper and DJ/producer high praise and strong sales, and now, the original CD album will be re-packaged and accompanied by Nate’s and Fresh’s latest collaborative effort, Still Based On A True Story, with the dual-album release hitting retail on July 19th via Clear Label Records.

For the latest single from Still Based On A True Story, Nate and Fresh are excited to release the video for “Gimmie Da Loot,” a song built around DJ Fresh’s hazy yet knock-heavy production, blending effect-drenched vocal chops with crisp claps and beating kick drums, along with Shady Nate’s smoothly flowing gangsterisms (“I gotta chop’ in the drop that shoots from hella far”) that come off smoother than ever thanks to Nate’s complex, multi-syllable rhyme patterns.

Shady Nate’s new album, Still Based On A True Story, will be available July 19th via Clear Label Records.


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