Serius Jones Hits Hard with Can’t Stop The Game and National Campaign

Serius Jones Addresses Imus, Oprah on New Single
Dr. Jay’s Enlists Jones for National Ad Campaign
New York, NY — As Serius Jones puts the finishing touches on his Disturbing Tha Peace/Def Jam debut album Life Is Serius, he recently took some time to speak his peace on the new track “Can’t Stop The Game.” The song aggressively addresses Don Imus and Oprah Winfrey, the recent attacks on Hip Hop music in general.
“This song speaks on the overall state of Hip Hop,” explains Serius. “There are so few representatives speaking on our behalf, so I felt obligated to make a song to blast on those who always try and blame Hip Hop for society’s problems. I feel that Hip Hop is an easy scapegoat for people like Imus who are racist by nature. Oprah definitely has something against rappers. She should be focusing her energy on changing the system which corrupts the youth mentality instead of trying to redirect our art form. The solution is for influential older Black people to listen and understand the youth, instead of trying to attack, ban us and censor our voice. Listen to the voice instead of the words, or you will never understand it.”
While his schedule has been hectic with travel and appearances, Serius Jones was recently enlisted by New York-based retailer Dr. Jays for their “Summer Sensations” ad campaign. The images for the national campaign will run in various magazines and websites, and Serius is thrilled with the union. “I’ve been spending money at Dr. Jay’s for years, and they have been a reputable franchise. When they approached me about getting involved with their campaign, I felt it was mutually beneficial. We are looking forward to big things.”
Serius Jones Bio

Known for his magnetic personality, witty realism, incredible wordplay and distinctive voice, Serius Jones is planting his seed in the music industry. The New Jersey born emcee is set to unleash his distinctive sound onto the world. His repertoire includes obliterating unsuspecting victims in lyrical battles and cultivating ground-breaking music. After twelve consecutive victories, Jones captured The Fight Klub’s 2005 Battle Championship and cash purse by defeating the reigning Fight Klub champ. This was a wake up call to the new generation of emcees, and to the music industry as a whole.

Serius discovered the power of his words and true talent for captivating a crowd while huddled in playful neighborhood ciphers. After entering a freestyle battle as a dare, Jones caught the eye of now multi-platinum producer Needlz, who noted the young emcee’s insatiable passion, broad appeal, and unparalleled charisma. Needlz decided to support Serius’ talent with production resources, however, on a cold Harlem night Jones was arrested and incarcerated on weapons charges, temporarily derailing his plans for success.

After his release, Serius became relentless in his approach to breaking into the music industry. Setting out to develop the dimension of his unique sound, he has been collaborating with platinum producer Needlz (Ludacris, 50 Cent, Game, Young Buck, Cassidy), Buckwild (Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G, etc…) and many others.  “Serius is an amazing artist to work with,” Needlz beams. “He is a funny, charismatic, approachable guy that is always coming up with new ideas and concepts that the average person would never think of. It’s rare to work with someone that has a personality so transparent through their music.”

Officially signed to Disturbing Tha Peace/ Def Jam Recordings in January 2007, Serius Jones has continued building his vision day by day, as his fan-base expands within the “Life Is Serius” movement. Serius has since begun production on his debut release Life Is Serius, an epic journey through his vigorous life with the assistance of Grammy Award-winning artist and founder of DTP, Ludacris, along with executives Chaka Zulu and Jeff Dixon.

Disturbing Tha Peace recognizes the dynamic talent of the young emcee. “I feel that Serius is capable of changing the game as we know it,” says Chaka. “He is battle-proven, but not limited to being a battle rapper. His approach to Hip Hop is refreshing and challenging, and it’s no holds barred. ’07 is gonna be serious for Hip Hop… pun intended.”

With the completion of King Me: The Official Street Album and battle stripes under his moniker, “Mister Uptop” is ready to bring his music to the national front. “Creating groundbreaking music is a beautiful challenge and I’m looking forward to getting these records out to the world. I’m just living one day at a time and creating the soundtrack to life.”

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