Roach Gigz – F A Chorus (Directed By Kreayshawn)

Debut Video From Bitch, I’m A Player Brings The Bay To NYC

Last week, Roach Gigz released his brand new project Bitch, I’m A Player, his fourth solo release and one that’s already being hailed as his strongest work-to-date. Leading up to release, Roach kept fans satiated with a slew of singles, including the recently released “Stupid (Remix)” featuring Husalah and Lil B, and now, Roach is delivering fans the first official video from the project, for the song “F A Chorus.”

For “F A Chorus,” Roach called on friend and fellow bay area rapper/director Kreayshawn to direct the video, as they took to the streets of New York City, where the two had been together for a show just a few days earlier. “When the verse starts off on the song,” explains Roach, “I’m talking about how I’m in New York. I had to shoot the video in the city while I was there.”

And for a song where Roach proclaims that he’s in the city on his “tourist shit,” it would be hard to imagine a better location to shoot than Times Square. And so that’s exactly where Roach and Kreayshawn set up shop, shooting in front of the street’s famous landmarks, not to mention cameos from Minnie Mouse, a few overly excited cab drivers, and one very special Michael Jackson look-alike.

Next month, on August 23rd, Roach Gigz will release a limited edition physical 4-CD package that will include not only Bitch, I’m A Player, but is also joined by Roachy Balboa, Roachy Balboa 2, and his debut solo mixtape Buckets & Booty Calls.


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