QN5 Evolution Documentary: The Past (Part 2)

“Present” is Part 2 of the QN5 Megashow presentation videos.

From YouTube:
“6 Years into the development of QN5 as a label, the artists recount their regrets and forge ahead strengthening the bond with their fans.

(Part 2 of 3) After famed documentarian Ken Burns, shot an in-depth film about QN5’s decade-strong history for the 2011 QN5 Megashow: Evolution, he accidentally sent the final video as an audio CD — and the label was forced to recreate the footage on a shoestring budget in time for the show. Here’s what they came up with.

CREDITS: Written By: Tonedeff & PackFM // Directed By: Tonedeff // Puppeteers: PackFM & Mrs. Deff // ©2011 QN5 Inc. All Rights Reserved.”

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