Pseudo Slang – Bedouin / Album Drops Today

“Cuz that’s the way it’s going down / With the P-S-E-U-D-O brothers in your town, we move around”


DOWNLOAD: Pseudo Slang – “Bedouin”

Critical Praise for Pseudo Slang:

“Pseudo Slang make the thinking fan’s kind of hip-hop.” – Chicago Sun Times

The Song:

Pseudo Slang’s long awaited new release We’ll Keep Looking drops today. In honor of the release, Emcee Sick and Tone Atlas are offering up yet another free mp3 from the album. “Bedouin” is a true Jack Kerouac track, inspired by life on the road. The Bedouins are a tribe of Arab nomadic people who are constantly on the move, and for Sick and Tone, this describes their current lifestyle of non-stop touring and promotion. Set to a lounge room jazz beat that sounds as though members of the Rat Pack are about to croon to us with their velvet vocals, Emcee Sick spits the hip-hop equivalent, taking us on a lyrical journey from city to city and expressing his feelings about the life of a traveling man:

“At the time when I wrote it, we were touring”, says Emcee Sick, “and when I first heard the rough beat from Tone I was just writing text from afar, you know, writing from the road. It can be thankless to book tours, you let it whisk you away until you return home and then remember you still have to deal with the issues at hand. In a way, I needed this track and it presented itself to me in a natural way; I didn’t have to force it and it wasn’t just a track where we said, ‘Let’s just be creative’, it just kind of came about from being out on the road.”

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