Out today: Jazzy Jeff – Return of the Magnificent

DJ Jazzy Jeff – The Return of the Magnificent

The legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff needs no introduction – he’s an eternal icon for urban music worldwide. Forever innovative, DJ Jazzy Jeff is known for being one of the few DJ’s who can please both mainstream and underground audiences alike. As a DJ he’s one of the few masters who can truly claim to have added something unique to the art with his famous, often replicated transformer scratch. He also was the baddest DJ on the eastern seaboard way before the City of Brotherly Love produced a rapper of note and he can still rock the crowd harder than anyone.

As a producer he’s produced tracks for ground-breaking artists too numerous to name – let’s just say the list stretches from Eminem to Jill Scott and far beyond and note that he’s sold over 10 million records worldwide! He was the first rap producer to win a Grammy, and he’s now one of the most famous DJs to have made the shift from vinyl to digital without losing his art. His successful TV career (alongside former partner in crime Will Smith in ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’) has kept him a household name for those less turntable inclined, but all this hardly matters – with DJ Jazzy Jeff it’s all about the music and he truly is one of the few legendary producers whose music is still essential today.

We’re pleased to now present you with a brand new DJ Jazzy Jeff album, The Return Of The Magnificent, the eagerly anticipated follow up to his well received solo debut, 2001’s The Magnificent. Whilst his iconic first album was an experiment in soul-influenced Hip Hop, The Return Of The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff plows harder (albeit still soulful) ground, this time hooking up with an equally impressive array of artists such as Method Man, Rhymefest (Kanye West’s prodigy), Big Daddy Kane, CL Smooth, Raheem DeVaughn, Pos of De La Soul, Kardinal, J Live, Peedi Peedi, Jean Grae and many more.

DJ Jazzy Jeff has made a Hip Hop album for today. It’s not a look back to some glory day of Hip Hop but a solid concerted effort to make a record that is truly great and of it’s time. This album promises to be one of 2007’s highlights for anyone interested in urban music and for Jeff himself who simply states: “This is the best record I have ever done.”

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