Musab Switches To Hiero Imperium From Rhymesayers Entertainment To Release New Album Slick’s Box

Musab Switches To Hiero Imperium From Rhymesayers Entertainment To Release His New Album Entitled Slick’s Box

Slick’s Box Reveals The Ups And Downs Of The World’s Second Oldest Profession: Pimpin’

(Brooklyn NY May 4, 2007) Musab (a.k.a. Minnesota Slick, formerly known as Beyond) will release his new album entitled Slick’s Box the first week of August on his new label: Oakland based Hiero Imperium Records.� Musab is a heavyweight of Minneapolis Hip-Hop, representing Rhymesayers Entertainment since its conception in 1996. Slick’s Box is an unadulterated tell-all about his true profession: “I’m a pimp,” explains Musab. “I’m not saying �I’m a pimp, let’s go f*ck,’ I’m saying I’m a working class man and my profession is pimpin.”

Alongside his day job as a pimp, Musab has had a remarkable rap career integral to the surprising rise of Minneapolis Hip-Hop. His album entitled Comparison was the first release of indie hip-hop label giant, Rhymesayers Entertainment. He contributed to Atmosphere’s classic first release, Overcast (1998), then teamed up with Atmosphere, I Self Divine of Micronauts, Gene Poole of Full Circle, and producer Ant to form the super-group The Dynospectrum. His solo album, Respect the Life (2002) introduced the world to his alter ego Minnesota Slicks, the Southside Mack. Musab recently changed label homes from Rhymesayers to rap pioneers Hiero Imperium, who will release the autobiographical album Slick’s Box this summer.

Born in Minneapolis, MN, to a fifteen-year-old mother deep in the game and raised by an assortment of women who were all affiliated with pimps, Musab is literally “A pimp by blood,” a product of the secret society that is pimping. Musab’s frustration with hip-hop co-opting and misrepresenting his professional lifestyle inspired the more personal approach taken on Slick’s Box. “Pimpin’ is nothing to glorify,” explains Musab, “It’s also about paying your girl’s dentist bills and college tuition. It’s a dirty game and a strenuous lifestyle.” True to form, Slick’s Box showcases the flashy side as well as the not oft seen shadowy side of pimpin’. On the track “Hats and Shoes,” Musab uses an almost spoken word delivery (Musab refers to this unique style as “Pimp Slur”) casually reliving the pleasures of pimpin’. In contrast, the track “Confessions,” has Musab coming clean about his profession to his daughter in a singularly awkward father/daughter moment. On Slick’s Box, Musab’s new found inspiration in clearing up the misrepresentation of his profession adds depth as well as a unique twist to his time-tested flow.

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