Mr. J. Medeiros feat. Logan – Swallow


DOWNLOAD: Mr. J. Medeiros feat. Logan – Swallow

Multi-talented musician, rapper, social activist and producer Mr. J. Medeiros is releasing his second full-length album Saudade on his imprint De Medeiros. The album will be out June 14th with distribution via Fat Beats. The record marks the first time his production trio The Stare, featuring Stro, Luke Atencio and himself, have been featured together on record.

Today marks the release of the first single “Swallow” feat. Logan from Saudade. On the single, Medeiros acknowledges his inability to “swallow the truth” in relationships over a bouncing bass line and radio-friendly hook sung by Logan.

Medeiros was formerly signed to Rawkus Records as part of the group The Procussions and as a solo artist. With The Procussions, he gained acclaim for collaborating with Talib Kweli and touring with Tribe Called Quest and The Roots. As a solo artist, Medeiros partnered with international non-profit organizations to fight human trafficking and sexual abuse with his single “Constance” which has amassed nearly 500k views on YouTube. (Watch “Constance” here)

Medeiros has recorded with artists as varied as Randy Jackson, Talib Kweli, Illmind and more and has been on Spike TV and Miami Ink. Medeiros, who has a relentless work ethic and independent streak, partnered with to raise the money for Saudade – a 60 day campaign – which reached its goal in only 3 days. Full of a wide-ranging spectrum of influences, Saudade -which means a deep emotional state of nostalgic longing for someone or something in Portugese – is a mix of straight hip-hop, ethereal electronic compositions, driving rock anthems, and fleshed out songwriting.

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