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“I heard a lot of ya’ll talkin’ bout it but I dont see you when im walkin’ bout it” So Moe Green raps on the chorus of his latest single, “Extra Extra,” and if anyone is a testament to his word, it’s the fast rising Vallejo, California spitter. In just under a year, Moe released the highly lauded Rocky Maivia: Non-Title Match, along with a succession of new tracks and videos, as he continued to put the finishing touches on his new EP, Lionheart, being presented by OnSMASH and BEARWITNESS.

Despite the tone set by producer Ca$h Martin’s muted horns and melancholy keys, “Extra Extra” is Moe at his most outspoken. “Everybody’s talking and not walking,” says Moe about the song’s message. “Everybody says, ‘I’mma do this,’ or ‘I’mma do that,’ but I’ve seen where we are trying to go – what everybody dreams about – and now I’m working on getting there.” And Moe’s rhymes reflect that attitude to the tee, as he raps about the internal conflict and struggle he faces as he strives to reach his goals. “On the walk for greatness/ Keep a good pace, and they all relating,” raps Moe, as he pushes asides gimmicks with, “None of that hoopla/ My team plus God be the reason I’ll make it.”

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