Major Way Fires Up Da BackWudz With ATL Heat!

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October 3, 2005

Major Way Entertainment Electrifies Da BackWudz And More!
Upcoming Projects Lined Up For 2006

Atlanta, GA — When producers Milwaukee Black, Phil Banks, and Boysie formed Major Way Entertainment, they brought together years of studio experience and a fresh perspective on music. The trio has been blazing new trails with their blend of classic Southern style and futuristic club vibes. With a discography that includes work for the likes of 8ball & MJG and Pastor Troy, veteran producer Milwaukee Black is leading his team to the next level of notoriety.

Atlanta duo Da BackWudz signed on with Major Way in 2004 to begin recording their debut album. The group was picked up by the legendary Rowdy Records label, who later secured distribution through Universal Records. The lead single “You Gonna Luv Me”, is sprinkled with a Jennifer Holiday sample over Milwaukee Black’s thumping, bass-laden production. The song was a top hit with both MTV and BET over the summer, and now Milwaukee Black’s remixes featuring Nas and Slim Thug are becoming even more popular with radio across the country. You can download both the Crunk and East Coast versions of the “You Gonna Luv Me” remix at

Da BackWudz’ album, Wood Work, will be released in January 2006, followed by a new series of projects from Major Way. Milwaukee Black will give fans a taste of his musical repertoire with his own album entitled Imperial Kush: The King Of The Beats. The project promises to be the down-South equivalent of Dr. Dre’s classic Chronic LP. Major Way artists Caz Clay, GP Mafia and Dope Boy Dinky will follow, and they will round out things wit

h R&B sensations Jhad and Lil Bud.

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Major Way Entertainment Bio

The South has fought a long, hard battle for respect in Hip Hop. From trend setting groups like 2 Live Crew, the Dungeon Family, the 69 Boyz, and Master P’s No Limit soldiers, it has been proven that good urban music can be represented from the viewpoint of country living. After playing the background for many years, Milwaukee Black and his Major Way Entertainment team are finally ready to become household names. Fresh off of the recent success of Da BackWudz’ hit single “You Gonna Luv Me “, the company is set to become a formidable entity in the music business.

Inspired by old school legends like KRS-One, Rakim, and Run-DMC, Midwest native Milwaukee Black had a love for the culture that made him want to break into the game at a young age. While the East coast was primarily on top in the beginning, it was the rise of the West coast in the late ¬Ç√Ñ√≤80s that showed Milwaukee his dreams could be realized. “To me, NWA was the most important movement, because that actually opened things up and told us that everyone could eat, ” he explains. “I was in New York and I heard cats in Brooklyn playing Ice Cube. That gave me a lot of hope and inspiration, telling me that if you just come with a great record that real street people can vibe to, everyone will receive it. ”

Over the years, Milwaukee Black has studied the game and learned invaluable tricks of the trade from various artists he has produced for. He began his music career spinning records in the late ‘80s at age 13 for Speech of Arrested Development, and eventually transitioned into producing. By the mid-90s the word of his talent had spread, and former Suave House Records executive Tony Draper flew Black to Houston to interview for work with the team. Unfortunately, the label folded only a couple of months later. Eventually Black was reunited with 8Ball and MJG through their mutual friend Big DU, and Black was linked into doing production for the group under their deal at Universal Records.

He received his first gold and platinum plaques with 8Ball and MJG, and worked with other hard-hitting artists like The Outlawz and Pastor Troy. “8Ball and MJG showed me professionalism. If they liked the beat they wrote the hook right there and they would finish the song that night, ” Milwaukee Black explains. “Tupac’s crew The Outlawz showed me the hustle of the game, because ¬Ç√Ñ√≤Pac felt if you couldn’t do three songs a night you were wasting his studio time. ”

Major Way Entertainment was formed when Milwaukee Black and longtime associate Phil Banks met budding engineer Boysie through mutual acquaintances. Milwaukee decided to combine talents, since the three men shared a common love for hard work and making money. Major Way steps away from today’s pack of market-savvy producers by keeping their focus tight. “We bring a very aggressive and youthful philosophy, ” explains Milwaukee. “We’re hungry like sharks. I love Russell Simmons, Dame, Suge, Puffy, Master P, Cash Money – they all inspire me, but I’m the next dude. Right now I feel like I’m one of the only CEO’s coming in focusing on music, rather than a side venture like selling clothes. ”

In Major Way’s quest to find the hottest artists in the world, Milwaukee Black initially met with Atlanta duo Da BackWudz, did some minor work and parted ways. When they met again, he was prepared to take the group as seriously as they took themselves. Da BackWudz put up their own money in the studio, showing Milwaukee that they were down to work.

Agreeing to follow his vision, he recorded with them for six months, and “You Gonna Luv Me ” slowly burned its way to mass acceptance with consistent radio play, and a popular video on MTV networks. Assisted by The Adoption Agency consulting firm, Major Way and Da BackWudz are rolling along with a deal at Atlanta’s well-established independent label, Rowdy Records.

Milwaukee Black’s philosophy for success is taking a hands-on approach to business. “You have to try and do as much as possible yourself, ” he asserts. “The more you do yourself, the more control you have. Control is everything. People think it’s all about money. If you have a whole bunch of money on a project with no control, the labels will ruin your project. ”

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