Little Brother – Lovin’ It

A. Little Brother – “Lovin’ It” feat. Joe Scudda (sample “One Night Affair” Stylistics)
B. “Hold On (tellin me)” (Sample “Sittin on the edge of my mind” Jermaine Jackson)

Label: ABB Records
Album: The Minstrel Show

“Lovin’ It” is a feel-good groove from 9th Wonder. The hook on the verse approaches the point of mundane, but is saved by a well-built and solidly-welded pre-chorus. Phonte, Big Pooh and Joe Scudda seem to simply celebrate success; they nearly pat themselves on the back, claiming “Everybody say they lovin’ it.” “Hold On (Tellin’ Me)” is well punctuated by kicks and keys. Phonte holds down an impressively long and steady verse with some fiery prose that recall open-mic nights and fighting for the prize. This twelve-inch is an acknowledgment of success; it is likable, but lacks direction, reminding me of Martin Luther King Jr.’s quote: “Where Do We Go From Here?”

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