League510 Featuring Way D – Summer Time

With Their Latest, League 510 Reminds Everyone What Summer Time As all About


DOWNLOAD: League510 Featuring Way D – Summer Time

Just as summer heat becomes almost unbearable, League510 drops a track to help cool you of when you most need it. Their track, “Summer Time,” featuring Way D is a nostalgic tribute to the vacation months that, as the group puts it, “reflects summer time and all its splendor.” Says TK, rapper and one-fourth of the group, “The song paints pictures of BBQ’s with family and friends, water fights at the park, and cruising through the Oakland streets with the top down”. Playful verses over a melodic beat infect you with a lighthearted spirit that lingers long into the summer evenings. “Summer Time” exudes a feeling of relief like the bell has just rung on the last day of school and all your worries slide to the wayside. According to the group that is the exact sentiment they were aiming for. “Have fun, enjoy your vacation while you can,” says the Town Techno purveyors. “Just take one day out of your week not to duel on the ills of the world, and just pop this song in your deck and leave your problems behind you”. All that’s left to do is pack up the picnic gear and move – not too fast – to the park and relax..

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