Kung Fu Bum Trailer

Yea you read the title right. When I got the link from 2 Hungry Bros. I was expecting a dope Hip Hop track like the last one that was sent over. What I got was this movie trailer for a film that it appears the Bros. are involved with. This looks like a nod to the old Kung Fu flicks of the 70’s and everyone knows that black folks and Hip Hop love them some Kung Fu. Kung Fu Bum looks a little purposefully over the top with the amount of cheese that you might expect. The title is Kung Fu Bum yo. Ok you’ve got my attention. I’m looking forward to it. It should be interesting.

Peep the film info from YouTube:
“After the brutal murder of his clan, Kung Fu Bum sets out on a quest for vengeance. But will vengeance be enough?”

K. Gaines, Nicholas Ortiz, Jermaine Smith, P.So, Rob “Deep” Maldonado, Raymond Rodriguez Jr., Orlando Cruz, Richard Maldonado, Cyndee Rivera, Thomas Baldwin, Nicole Cruz, Emanuel Candelario, Shadi Candelario, Ramon Howard, Tafari Lawton and Michael Barrett

Fight Choreography
Orlando Cruz

Special Effects/Make Up
Richard Maldonado

Premo, Johnny Voltik, 2 Hungry Bros., Sebastian Marciano and Daniel Recinos

Sean Patrick Bartolo, Richard Maldonado, Frances Savinon, Vanessa Hernandez and Christopher Montague

Written, Edited & Directed by
Peter Lawton

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