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Grammy-nominated musician/jack-of-all-trades KOKAYI releases “Only” from his new album Robots and Dinosaurs, the physical copies of which are available today.

“Only” is a deep sigh, and a long look back drawing inspiration from famed bachelor classicThe Wedding Crashers. “The main inspiration was the movie and the thought process of the classic bachelor and his quest for love.” KOKAYI explains. Without hesitation, the lyricist lays down the gritty facts, “I’m not so lucky with love, yo” over a misty piano that served as the catalyst of creation for the song, “coming up with the piano line was the most enjoyable part of making the track, it inspired the chorus and the rest was easy.” Throughout the song the emcee delves deeper into the echoey chambers of memory and past lovers, questioning the listener as well as himself. KOKAYI’s lyricism shimmers in his distant mood as he delivers his message. “Bachelors want love too,” says KOKAYI. “The Lounge Lizzards and professional singles dream, just as everyone, of finding true love.”

Robots and Dinosaurs is an eclectic musing of styles that has allowed KOKAYI the pleasure of never having to fall into a single musical category. While upbeat, the album also explores the rocky terrain of suicide and unrequited love from both sides of the equation.”

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