Jay Z ft. Beyoncé – Family Feud Video

4:44 continues to give mini-films centered around the track listing of the album. “Family Feud” is the latest video to make out from under the exclusive veil of Jay Z’s streaming service Tidal. The visuals for each track are more than just music videos, they are short films that have a specific message.

“Family Feud” displays a story through the ages – starting in a future filled with hope that is rooted in the present. The idea of leaving a legacy to his children is one that Jay repeats throughout 4:44 and is visualized here. Jay envisions that his and Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy to be one of the founder mothers of a brave new future of America founded upon unity and fairness. The adult Blue quotes her father at a round table of the founding mothers of the new republic saying , “nobody wins when the family feuds.”

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