I Don’t Camouflage: Jarobi White (ATCQ/Evitan/Eats, Rhymes, and Life)

Jarobi White is mostly known for being apart of the classic group A Tribe Called Quest and the highly regarded albums they produced. More recently Jarobi has made a resurfacing as the other half of the group Evitan with fellow rhymer Dres of Black Sheep. Evitan spells Native backwards as an homage to the Native Tongues collective that both of them belong to. Chef Jarobi not only cooks up rhymes but also meals with the company Eats, Rhymes, and Life that he runs with his wife. Aiko Tanaka’s series I Don’t Camouflage talks with Jarobi about his views on cooking and the philosophy he brings to his entertainment and food company.

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