Homebodies – EP

Artist: Homebodies
Album: Home Base
Rating: 2.5/5

With producer Wes Green killin’ the boards, rappers Eddie Rap Life and A-Bomb offer fans a little peak into their upcoming projects. The CD is divided up evenly. Three tracks for Eddie Rap Life, three tracks for A-bomb and one track with the two of them trading verses. The opening cut, “Stereo “, brings us Eddie Rap Life talking about nothing in particular and doing his best Jay-Z impression. Sounds like Eddie’s been studying “Dirt off Your Shoulder ” so he could get that hushed, breathy, cocky flow just right. Impersonation or not, Eddie’s verses mesh very well with Wes Green’s laid back beat. “Coast Clears ” offers advice on everything from women to drug dealing and “Sittin’ on the Block ” offers more of the same. It’s another Jay-Z-esque performance, but minus the wit, charm and storytelling ability. But on both tracks, Wes saves the day with head noddin’ beats that complement Eddie’s impersonation…I mean, flow.

A-Bomb collabs with Jilal Maria for the track “Started “. This is perhaps Wes Green’s only misstep as far as beat selection. The keyboard and percussion sound like they’re supposed to have a stripped down, lazy-day-in-the-summer type feel, but instead the beat sounds like a Rapmaster Keyboard masterpiece. That’s not something a professional producer should use. “Highway ” has a more polished beat and a hook that’s reminiscent of A Tribe Called Quest’s “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo “. Unfortunately A-bomb’s mediocre lyrical abilities do not help in getting this track off the ground. A-Bomb does a much better job on “Bomb Is “. The ¬Ç√Ñ√≤reverse’ beat is very creative and haunting.

On the untitled track, Eddie Rap Life and A-Bomb regal the listener with tales of hustling, women and taking over the rap game. You know, the usual. Eddie Rap Life kinda has his own voice on his verse, but then falls into the Jay-Z impersonation towards the end. A-Bomb has his usual mediocre performance. If you’re only interested in beats, then this is a CD you should pick up. If you are actually interested in lyrical ability and content keep it movin’.

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