Golddigger Killer Comes To Broadway So, Players Watch Out!


In a Hip-Hop story that reveals
the Not-So Glamorous Side of “Playas” and “Golddiggers”. 

Starting March 26th, 2006 the
Hip Hop Horror GOLDDIGGER KILLER will start a limited 6 week
engagement at the a New Digital screening lounge on Broadway in a dinner
theater series.

Riding the tide of technological
growth filmmaker Jeff Carroll plans to bring his gripping independent
film to the Improv Comedy Café 318 West 53rd Street between
8th Avenue and 9th Avenues which has just undergone
a total renovation which includes at state of the art digital theater
where movie goers can enjoy dinner while watching movies.  Jeff
says he movie is “un-rated and for adult audiences” and he says
“a theater where you can get drinks is a perfect place for his Award
winning film”. 

Screenings are at 4pm, 6pm,
and 10 on Sundays and reservations can be make at the theater or by
calling 212-757-2323.  Reservations are required but, walk ups
are welcome.  Admission

is only $10 and drinks and
dinner replace popcorn. 

BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE at the Odyssey Awards, the closing ceremony
for the 4th annual International Hip Hop Film Festival ( 
Writer/Producer Jeff Carroll along with Director Roderick Giles, actress/author
Ericka Williams and Golddigger Killer herself actress Shatara Curry
were present to receive the films first award in November at the Schumberg
Library in Harlem. 

Golddigger Killer
writer Jeff Carroll’s goal was to reveal the “Playa” and “Golddigger”
mentality and how they are introduced in a relationship.  The film
depicts the twisted values that many people of the Hip-Hop generation
have.  Director Roderick Giles displays many effective scenes using
a series of montages, close-ups, and shadows. These techniques give
the film’s dark and sinister side.  While focusing on Hip-Hop,
poetry is also introduced giving the viewers a better understanding
of the emotional frustration present in performance poetry. 
Golddigger Killer has cameos by some of Hip-Hop’s top comedians
which allow humor to flow through without deviating form the film’s

Golddigger Killer
was inspired by events of real women like Loraina Bobbit, who took revenge
by cutting off her abusing husband’s penis. Also Clara Harris a Texas
dentist who ran over her husband several times with her car. Working
along the lines of Pam Grier’s “Foxy Brown” character, Golddigger
Killer is eliminating the disrespect geared towards women in
the Hip-Hop community.

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