Glue – Catch As Catch Can

Glue - Catch As Catch Can Atrist: Glue
Album: Catch As Catch Can
Rating: 3/5

djdq and Maker are the “Glue” that hold Hip-Hop and Rock together
— seriously. Glue, consisting of Adeem, the front man, Maker, the
producer and djdq, the turntablist has released their latest full-length
album, Catch as Catch Can [Fat Beats Records]. The album can
best be described as 16 tracks of a skillful blend of Hip-Hop, rock
and turntablism.

large majority of it sounds like break beats mixed with soulful rock
from the ‘60’s. Known for being the only emcee to win the Scribble
Jam battle twice, Adeem’s lyrical skills are also a plus. Adeem raps
about everyday, average guy things with the exception of “Glupies.”
Most average guys don’t get groupies but in “Glupies,”
Adeem says he’s tired of sex with these lusty women and encourages
them to find a home instead of someone’s bed. “Never Really Know”
is one of the best songs on the album. It has a jazzy sound and there’s
a nice fusion of scratches and trumpet riffs under Adeem rapping about
everyday situations. Other songs to check for are, “Belmont and
Clark,” Making a Mess” and “Hometown Anthem.”

irritating thing about Catch as Catch Can is that sometimes the
drums area bit cacophonous and come off sounding like pots and pans
instead of instrumentation, making it hard to pay attention to the lyrics.
Although Catch as Catch Can
is technically a good album, it’s esoteric in nature, meaning that
it sort of sounds nerd rap-ish. Aesop Rock lovers may very well need
to add Catch as Catch Can to their collection.

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