Georgia Anne Muldrow And Dudley Perkins Unite As G&D

(Brooklyn, NY July 25, 2007) Grab your ticket to the greatest show of all, as Georgia Anne Muldrow and Dudley Perkins unite as G&D. Through the music on their debut album The Message Uni Versa (Look Records), G&D are determined to spread love, hope and unity. “The album title means one song in the universe; we’re trying to reach the masses through this album to let everyone know we are all one” explains Dudley.

The Message Uni Versa encompasses elements of soul, funk and dusted hip-hop topped off with so much optimism and raring energy that it barely contains itself. The album is a historical voyage connecting the many diverse styles and genres of black music. Anyone whose ever heard Sly and the Family Stone will understand the instant summer feel of “One” with it’s warm organs and uplifting bass. On the single “Time” G&D create a bass heavy outer space p-funk jam, harmonizing in the way only G&D can. With this inspiring release, Georgia Anne Muldrow and Dudley Perkins expose us to the political and social issues that plague our planet and challenge us to unite as one. This is a soul revolution and G&D are fearless.

Georgia Anne Muldrow springs from a family of creative musicians, whose roots run deep in the ’60s and ’70s progressive jazz scene. Their innovation passed to their daughter, who approaches her labyrinth of keyboards, synthesizers, and various instruments with a fresh perspective every time. Dudley Perkins – one of the most healing, humorous, and potent voices in music– is best known for his albums with super producer Madlib: A Lil’ Light in 2003 and Expressions (2012 A.U.) in 2006.  Together, G&D are making some serious, sonic waves.

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