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Freestyle is a mobile tool for songwriters, emcees and poets on the go. Be prepared when and wherever inspiration strikes. Freestyle’s advanced notepad contains the integrated Schirmer’s Complete Rhyming Dictionary, an industry standard including over 96,000 rhymes, so you will never be lost for words. Then record tracks on the fly backed by a selection of exclusive beats and rhythm tracks. Show off your skills to friends by emailing them your recordings and lyrics, take that crush to the next level with a custom rap, or simply use Freestyle to record demos and ideas to work on later.


  • Notepad, beats, rhyming dictionary, and recorder all in one place
  • Designed from the ground up to not get in the way of the writing and rhyming process
  • 12 of the illest beats to get your creative juices flowing
  • No internet connection needed- comes with Schirmer’s Complete Rhyming Dictionary with over 96,000 rhymes built in
  • Record multiple takes of a song & share it
  • Change beat and vocal levels after recording
  • Streamlined & intuitive interface

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