Four Zone – My Turn

Image Artist:Four Zone
Album: My Turn
Label: Spytech Records
Rating: 2/5

I drew a blank on my first approach to my laptop. It was difficult finding the right vocabulary to describe My Turn by Southern California resident, Four Zone. It was like purgatory listening to15 tracks of untapped potential of a diamond in the rough. Listening to My Turn was sort of… Frustrating. It was like when your Father would be frustrated with you, because you got all D’s on your report card and he knew you could do better. That’s what I felt with Four Zone. I could hear the flow to the somewhat catchy beats that there was an artist waiting to shine behind all the empty rhetoric within his lyrics.

If you are looking for a dope wordsmith with a delivery smoother than silk. Then you’ve got a raspy voiced poet that manipulated words to his advantage. Four Zone has a talent of weaving together words that’s in a rhythm of its own. If you put “The La La” and the hidden track in a side by side comparison, you can clearly see, hands down, that Four Zone has versatility in flowing styles. The beats on every track will make your head bounce at maximum, no need for 2 steppin’. They’re beats that you listen to when you’re cleaning your crib on a Saturday morning.

But if you are into substantial foundation to My Turn, then you’ll be waiting a long time. Because there aren’t any. Four Zone doesn’t have a life, or at least he decided not to tell us his story to prove that he’s living one. Materialistic dreams of “big money, big cars…” as he states in his hook in ‘Big Money’. Every track had something to do with either ho’s, money, alcohol, weed and partying. Nothing wrong with any of that, but Four Zone might have well just released a single instead of repeating basically the same plot on every track.

His best track is the last one, ‘Going Crazy’. Where if you closed your eyes, you were able to visualize the scene that he built. He gives us a peek of what’s really going on, on what he’s really feeling. His feelings of the pressure and stress of life and that is something, I’m sure we all could relate to. Which is why this is my favorite song. Only if he would’ve done that more, this would’ve been a well rounded CD that I could actually appreciate. Something I actually might tell my boys about. But he didn’t, so I’m not. I could hear the potential and talent that this lyricist has, if he matched that with hustle then I’m sure we’d hear a better MC in the future.

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