Founding Fathers Trailer

A propelling documentary about the DJ’s that created a platform for Hip-Hop music and its humble beginnings within New York City. This film is instrumental because it refutes the popular philosophy that Hip-Hop began in the Bronx.

Founding Fathers delivers history of the core roots of this popular music as it plays out on the streets, parks and nightclubs in the late 60’s/early 70’s. The film captures uncanny footage of a time far removed from today. Directors Ron Lawrence and Hassan Pore take an amazing journey through the boroughs rediscovering DJ’s with massive sound systems.

Today, the culture of this genre of music has generated billions of dollars in revenue for corporations and individuals. Hip-Hop has grown to a level surpassing their forefathers’ expectation representing when Hip-Hop didn’t have a name and disco ruled the airwaves. The true history of their story has never been addressed until now. The Founding Fathers transpire in this awaiting documentary of where it all began. Chronicles forgotten and never recorded discloses who was the first to wear the crown.

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  1. Thanks for posting my documentary Founding Fathers, it was much appreciated. Here is my latest Documentary. Thanks- Ron Lawrence

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