Edwin Myles Speaks About Afrika Bambaataa’s Role In The Development of IDJ Trade Association

Edwin Myles Speaks About Afrika Bambaataa’s Role In The Development of IDJ Trade Association.

Atlanta, Georgia (March 02, 2010)—Since the June 2008 inception of International Disc Jockey Trade Association (IDJTA), the comprehensive union has resonated extremely well throughout the international DJ community.

The “Godfather” of Hip-Hop DJ Afrika Bambaatta, the “Godfather” of Urban Radio Herb Kent and industry veteran TJ Chapman are several pioneers who serve as IDJTA honorary advisory board members.

IDJTA‚Äüs CEO and founder Edwin “OG Eddie” Myles (Hip-Hop‚Äüs youngest forefather), says Bambaataa played a critical role in his development of the multifaceted organization.

Myles also acknowledged that his initial role as a forefather of Hip-Hop was ensuring the protection of DJs such as Bambaataa, Red Alert, Kool Herc, Lovebug Starski, Grandmaster Flash, and everyone else who played a part of Hip-Hop‚Äüs emergence.

“When Bambaataa decided he wanted to take all the scattered talent from NYC and unify ‚ÄûHip-Hop,‚Äü he asked me to be a part of forming the movement; I was 16 then,” says Myles. “I appreciate the fact that Bambaataa saw something special in me at an early age.”

Myles, now a 25 year entertainment industry insider, has played a critical role in the promotion that accelerated the careers of Master P, Lil Boosie, Mac 10, Lil Flip and many others.

Throughout the years Myles has also established a strong rapport with an extensive DJ network; in the process, however, he says noticed the misrepresentation and misuse of DJs.

“Honestly, in the beginning stages of developing IDJTA, I became frustrated and thought about throwing in the towel,” Myles admitted, “but Bambaataa and many other longtime DJ associates saw my intentions were good and encouraged me to continue my efforts.”

His Atlanta, Georgia-based organization provides DJs with a variety of marketing and branding services and other perks exclusive to members.

In 2009, Myles established The Million DJ Conference Call, which serves a weekly platform for DJs to engage in discourse with various entertainment industry professionals.

Subsequently Myles launched IDJ Radio, which, to date, has provided 100 DJs worldwide with their own Internet Radio Stations that double as social networking sites.

“I became involved with IDJTA because I felt the serious need for progression within the DJ community, says DJ Brratt, a member of the IDJTA Board of Directors. “I‚Äüve been deejaying since the mid ‚Äû90s and there has been a representational void that exists for us.

“After getting to know OG Eddie I saw his vision and was compelled to be a part of filling the void.”

The IDJTA is currently preparing for the weekend-long, 1st Annual IDJ Trade Awards and Expo, which will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, in August 2010.

The event will commemorate DJs specializing in all genres of music and include numerous performances and festivities.

For more information about the International Disc Jockey Association please visit: IDJTrade.com

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