DaVinci – Ben Video

After hitting listeners with a flurry of tracks, DaVinci is back with a second video off The Day The Turf Stood Still, “Ben“. For this video, Fillmore’s own created an all-encompassing metaphor through money, Ben Franklin, and the $100 bill.

With samples from the King of Pop’s, “Ben”, DaVinci, paired with producer Big D., takes Michael Jackson’s lyrics and sets them to a common theme, but with a twist. Ben Franklin, the King of the Streets, is seen throughout with a smile drawn on his $100 bill face; in DaVinci’s town, without Ben in your pocket, you’re nothing.

“My main inspiration behind “Ben” was to express the growth of my relationship with money from the moment I started hustling as a teen, until I became a man,” says DaVinci. “I wanted to show how far one goes to have material things for both right, and wrong reason.” While the video follows different stories of gambling, drugs, and prostitution, the message is all the same – with one’s back up against the wall, the quest for financial sustenance leads down many different paths. Such a message is made clear by lyrics such as, “You got your mind on your money / And you climbing in deep / Well just remember who the King of the Streets / Clockin’ cold hard cash / Running fast from police / Hey you running with the King of the Streets.” This track off of DaVinci’s debut ablum, The Day The Turf Stood Still, is now available both for purchase and free download via SWTBRDS Creative Collective.

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