Cutting Edge 24/7 Hip Hop Internet Radio Station Begins Broadcasting

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Cutting Edge 24/7 Hip Hop Internet Radio Station Begins Broadcasting

Farmingdale, New York – (iHHF), a cutting-edge Internet radio station, has begun broadcasting worldwide. iHHF features an all-star lineup of disc jockeys from across the globe.

iHHF is unique for many reasons. Most Internet radio “stations ” are merely one radio show with songs randomly playing while the show is not airing. This is where iHHF differs. iHHF has a lineup of over 25 uncensored mixshows from DJs and personalities from all over the world. Some of these shows resemble formats commonly used on terrestrial radio. “There is so much raw potential pertaining to music on the internet. This station will tap into that. ” says Jason “PrizMatiK ” Zaffron, iHHF’s station manager.

In between shows, the station has an extensive database of tracks from every aspect of the Hip Hop spectrum. These songs are coded with specific rotation rules that enable those in demand to air more frequently than others.

iHHF combines talent from the newest independent artist to the most established of acts. The website also offers a place for people to communicate with one another and get in touch with those of a similar mindset. “This station combines an ideology that will not only take the Hip Hop community to the next level, but showcase an element that many seek and is not easily accessible, ” says Jason Zaffron.

With many major sponsorships and partnerships in the works, iHHF is already gaining recognition from both the music industry and fans alike. The combination of Hip Hop and its culture displayed on iHHF is bound to create a new phenomenon for the way the music industry connects with one another.

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