Clear Soul Forces – We Got You Open


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PR: The Motor City repping Clear Soul Forces clearly understand what might be the most important aspect of any music career — the hustle. Ilajide, Wimpy, E-Fav, and J-Roc are keeping busy not only in the studio, but hitting the road and, in turn, hitting a stage near you soon.

The Background:

Many unsigned artists build their discography and confidence for years, while waiting to get discovered. But for emcee’s Wimpy, J-Roc, E-Fav, and producer/emcee Ilajade their chance came while recording at the same facility as Detroit rap legend Royce Da 5’9, who convinced them to form Clear Soul Forces. In 2010, CSF released their debut mixtape, Clear Soul Radio, which showcased a mixture of industry beats and original productions. By balancing boastful and introspective rhymes with both energetic and subdued instrumentals, the group garnered a diverse group of followers and become a fixture on college and Internet radio stations around the state, which lead to winning a Battle of the Bands contest and performing at Atlanta’s A3C Festival in 2010. The group’s latest EP, Departure, is reflective of their career taking off. With high-octane rhymes and backdrops, they show their skills and flawlessly execute conceptual songs while pointing out that dedication and teamwork is the group’s core value.

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