Byron Hurt – “Barack & Curtis: Manhood, Power, & Respect” – Short Ducumentary

Barack & CurtisNew short documentary released from Byron Hurt.

Barack & Curtis: Manhood, Power, & Respect

Byron Hurt’s message:

"Ladies and gentleman, I am happy to present Barack & Curtis: Manhood, Power, & Respect viewable exclusively on my website The intent of this short doc is to stimulate thought and dialogue about black masculinity in America. My goal is to highlight the contrasting styles of manhood exhibited by Barack Obama and rapper/mogul Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent. My goal is also to prod you to think deeply about the range of black masculinity that exists between the two. This range of black masculinity oftentimes gets overlooked in favor of simplistic stereotypes of black manhood. Barack & Curtis is an introduction to a much more complex topic."

"Short film ‘Barack and Curtis’ makes Web debut" – Newsday

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