Bisco Smith – Fresh Water Video

Bisco Smith, a.k.a. Bisc1, is ready to reintroduce himself, and he’s come to cleanse the radio world of its many poisons. His upcoming album The Broadcast shows the artist growing musically, lyrically, and thematically. Bisco’s music, always rich in imagery, delves uniquely into the theme of media transmissions throughout The Broadcast. The second video from the album, “Fresh Water,” is an explicit exploration of radio broadcasting and its influence in the music world.

Directed by Hector Nava, the video explores a nightmare scenario in which a zombie-like radio program director tries to force-feed poisonous music to his listeners. Only the DJ stands in the middle- the one person who can cleanse the radio waves with some musical fresh water. The video features Bisco himself as the DJ, and the song’s producer, J. Vegus, as the evil program director lurking constantly over Bisco’s shoulder.

The scenario is genuinely scary and should hit home to most anyone who has turned on the radio recently. “The whole song was written really for the younger radio influenced world – trying to fight the misconceptions that get fed to them,” Bisco says. While the radio may be in dire straights, Bisco Smith isn’t ready to give up hope quite yet. “I’m not saying the water’s too dirty to swim, but the oxygen is definitely thin.”

“There is an antidote to the poison, you just have to go find it.”

Bisco Smith’s second full-length album The Broadcast will be available early winter 2010.

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