Big Pun – Bronx Legends Never Die – Updated Artwork

Big Pun - Bronx Legends Never Die

Big Pun - Bronx Legends Never Die

The cover artwork for the upcoming Domingo produced Big Pun – Bronx Legends Never Die EP was already legit but the popularity surrounding the release brought copyright issues into play. The original cover had a very clear coloring of Marvel’s Punisher logo on the front which I imagine prompted some type of cease and desist letter to be sent Domingo’s way. Well let me say, thank God for that, because the new cover is far superior. With Pun drawn as a grown smashing force of nature, Marvel should reach out and ask for mini-series collaboration rights for the character. They aren’t even needed, Domingo and the graphic artists should put together a limited edition comic based off this. The cover is that dope.

Bronx Legends Never Die drops December 23rd. Pre-orders for the limited release are currently underway and being taken by way of an IndieGogo campaign.

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