Asher Roth Is Not Jack Baur

Asher Roth Asher Roth clears the air on previous reports that he helped stop a man claiming to have a bomb on an the Delta Airlines flight he was on en route to Atlanta to appear on NBC’s Last Call With Carson Daly. The person who deserves the credit is his band’s guitarist Chris Llewellyn. In fact, Asher didn’t even witness the incident at all.

“Asher clarified that he was not on the plane and did not witness the incident. He stressed that his band’s guitarist Chris Llewellyn is the hero who should be getting the credit for initiating the take down of a passenger who pushed a stewardess to the ground, attempted to open the exit door of the plane in flight and claimed to have a bomb.” – Yahoo

Chris was quoted as saying, “I was holding down his arm. Somebody had a foot on his head. Everyone was holding down a different body part. He was going nuts. I was telling him to chill because he’s not going any place.”

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