A True Story – L.A. Sunshine Trailer (Project by Destin Soul)


Imagine sexual victimization at age seven, sidestepping temptation and corruption while becoming a member of the most influential Hip Hop group to come out of Harlem in the 70s, The Treacherous Three. Aside from Narcotic taking you under his wing Homeless, who out of the kindness of his heart, gives you a place to rest your head. Lastly, feeling that the good-natured spirit of children is your only form of life support; only then will you begin understand the man called L.A. Sunshine.


“The first time I saw The Treacherous Three, they reminded me of David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks, and the Temptations. Unlike any other group I saw at the time, they had tight choreography and stage costumes that told you they were stars. There might’ve been bigger names making records back then, but to me, there was no Hip Hop group better than L.A. Sunshine and The Treacherous Three.”

-Chris Rock

“The interweaving styles of the Treacherous Three have yet to be duplicated much less imitated in these Get Rich and Die Tryin’ rhyme times. Of course the original players wanted to reap reward, but the hard truth is, they got nothing but hard times followed by many zeros. I think about how that time was passed over by so called “Hip Hop historians” and “social scholars,” who had just begun to “get it” by the Ed Koch years in the mid-eighties. There was a lot happening on that old road that led to the cultural phenomenon of rap today.”

-Chuck D, Public Enemy

“The name L.A. Sunshine was the perfect handle for him to come up with because that’s what you got from his rhymes. I think is his secret weapon is acting, because many people know how well he does it, and as a person, he’s a ride or die dude. He’s about real talent, and that’s a piece that’s missing in Hip Hop today. Lots of people weren’t privy to learn what I did because I was there watching him do it. I was able to view it, memorize it, and actually reproduce it in my own form.”

-Doug E Fresh

“As a member of The Treacherous Three, L.A. was the personification of his name, Sunshine; it fit him like a glove, and he shed light like the sun always bringing the “brightness” to the group. I’m smiling right now because I didn’t have to go back and listen to his rhymes to re-familiarize myself with them, because those lines are embedded in my head for life.”


“A True Story is a memoir that takes a hard and gritty look at a young kids’ hustler lifestyle during the 70s into the 80s in Harlem. It deals with the unforgiving streets, family dysfunction, and a rewarding but many times corrupt music business. This is all done in a unique style that only the Treacherous Three’s own, L.A. Sunshine could do. I was surprised and definitely enjoyed what I read!”

-Ralph McDaniels, Video Music Box

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