A Personal Message from Diddy

Diddy and Kim PorterSean (Diddy) Combs and girlfriend Kim Porter became the parents of twin girls Thursday morning, with the hip-hop impresario flying in from a movie set in Canada for the birth at a Manhattan hospital, said Combs spokesman Robert Zimmerman. “Diddy received an early Christmas gift,” said Zimmerman. “Both Kim and the girls are doing great.”

The first arrived at 7:56 a.m., weighing in at five pounds, while the second girl was delivered two minutes later and weighed five pounds, four ounces. The older twin was named D'Lila Star after Porter's grandmother, while the younger was named Jessie James after Combs's grandmother, Zimmerman said.

Combs flew in from Toronto, where he is filming “Raisin in the Sun,” and made it “just in the nick of time for the delivery,” Zimmerman said.

Combs, 37, already has a son, Christian, with Porter. He's also the father of a son, Justin, with ex-girlfriend Misa Hylton-Brim.

In regards to the birth of the twins, we received this personal message from Diddy.

In honor of the 2 people to have incredibly impacted me and Kim's lives……

We're proud to announce that we are NAMING the twins after our beloved grandmothers….

Kim's grandmother's name is LIila Star.

My grandmother's name.was Jessie Smalls…



5 lbs….19 1/4 inches

D'Lila Star Combs

5 lbs/4 oz….19 1/2 inches

Jessie James Combs


GOD is the Greatest……

All the Time!!!!!!!


God Bless


God is the Greatest


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