WWF’s Iron Sheik Vs Hip Hop Legend Prince Markie Dee

Naples, FL – Old School Rap meets Old School Wrestling
The Fat Boys take it to the Ring, is an old school fight of epic proportions

Prince Markie Dee of the Original Fat Boys called out retired WWF wrestler, the Iron Sheik, to a smack down due to his racist behavior on the Howard Stern show. The call out came via the Fat Boys Official Twitter Account @TheFatBoys as well as through two You Tube Videos; one posted by Prince Markie Dee and another by Kool Rock-ski.

Prince Markie Dee has challenged the Iron Sheik to step up if he continues his behavior. Via Twitter, UFC/MMA Legendary fighter, Frank Trigg has even offered to train him for the fight. When this fight goes down, Prince Markie Dee will do it for money- and will give it to charity. The Fat Boys have supported charities such as Prince Markie Dee’s Labor of Love Foundation, LetsGetThis.org, First Book, and most recently, Susan G. Komen for the Cure and this May 2010, they will include Alex’s Lemonade stand for Children with Cancer among these charities in their upcoming event, “Fat Boys Fest,” in Miami. Go to www.FatBoysFest.com to find out more about that charity event.

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