World Arthritis Day: Poplock For Your Health

We’re a bit late on this but World Arthritis Day was October 12th and is a call for action to combat one of the nation’s most dabilitating conditions. “World Arthritis Day is about people joining together and mobilizing to fight arthritis, a disabling disease that affects 50 million people in the U.S. and hundreds of millions around the world,” says Arthritis Foundation President and CEO Dr. John H. Klippel. The imagery of the World Arthritis Day commercial shows people poplocking in order to stave off arthritis. One of the major recommendations to fight arthritis is movement. Their press release states, “Moving is the best medicine for fighting arthritis pain.” Crazy Legs and the rest of the Rock Steady Crew might want to start hitting up old folks homes on therapeutic aid missions. Perhaps the whole group could turn into a health care organization. Get grandma on the cardboard. Gotta love Hip Hop.

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