Wale Folarin – The Mixtape about Nothing

The Mixtape about Nothing

Artist: Wale Folarin
Album: The Mixtape about Nothing
Rating: 3.5/5

Wale Folarin’s “The Mixtape about Nothing” is a direct parallel to the hit 90’s show Seinfeld. It’s infused with Seinfeld sound clips and references. The initial track is Mr. Folarin running through various subject matter having no relation to each other over the Seinfeld theme. You are mislead into believing that this mixtape really is about absolutely nothing. “Wale Folarin mixtape about nothing; but really I am saying something,” is a microcosm of the album.

Wale’s attention to detail and wittiness is very impressive. The first couple tracks are just an introduction to the lyricist; rapping with Bun B and over the Roc Boys instrumental. He churns his punch lines effortlessly over the beat out of rhythm much in the fashion of the Jigga Man. Though he is flowing over Jay-z’s latest single he isn’t to be confused with a go-go imprint of Hov. It was a strategic move to distance himself from the greatest rapper alive while still paying homage. From there he moves into “The Plan” where he blames Napstar, B5 fans parents, along with internet downloader’s for the death of hip hop. Although it be more upfront than other artists Wale bellows “So I gotta pitch them this-for a better outcome/ you say the arts dying-nah brother buy an album”. He runs back to this sentiment often, most notably on the skit “Untz Untz” where he mocks modern day A&R’s.

After the satire and finger pointing Wale gets more in depth and discuses the most offensive word to blacks. “The Kramer” is a beautiful insight into the mind of a “insecure N-I-G-ER“. He analyzes through the idea of why the word is commonly used by “nigga’s” . Explaining how it was a clever idea conjured up by nigga’s to add swag and be less hurtful. He then scrutinizes how rappers use the word expecting the white audience not to say it but they bashfully do. That in turn makes the word more harmful to a new batch of “nigga’s/niggers” . He ends with

“Make sure everything you say-can’t be held against you in any kinda way/ and any connotation if viewed many ways/ cause under every nigger there’s a little bit of Kramer–self hatred–I hate you-and myself NIGGAS”

An open apology that doesn’t really mean shit like the Michael Richards sound clip the track ends with.

Wale Ovechkin showcase’s his lyricism through the rest of the mixtape. Through the tracks he explores relatonships with woman (“The Remake of a Remake” ,“The Grown Up” and “The Manipulation” ) and the go-go portion of the show. “Artistic Integrity”-”The End Credits” is where Wale charters the unique niche he fills in young Hip Hop. The sound that captivates the Mid-Atlantic Region is moving for a broader spectrum with DC’s star sitting in pole position. This is Wale at his best, in his element doing it like no one before him. “The one who breaks mold is the last to get on but usually will last”

“The Mixtape about Nothing” is everything but that. Wale states in various ways, but over and over nonetheless, that you have to sell the consumer nothing. While nothing might be in demand Wale will soon find himself in demand with his witty brand of Hip hop go-go music. He might be crazy but his tape defiantly gave rap a shape up and tailored it to fit his butt better than true religion jeans.

Download this mixtape wherever you can find it even if on Napster.

For smart nigga’s its hard to do nothing…but nigga’s aint listening.

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